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Helping emerging women business leaders position their business for profits while creating parity in the marketplace.

Pinnacle Success Summit  is a one day summit for emerging women business leaders who are ready to accelerate profits, dominate in their industry, compete in the marketplace, to reach their highest heights in business.

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Imagine If...

  • You were able to walk into a room knowing you were leaving with a sale (or two)
  • You were able to strategically plan for profits and have a consistent cash flow
  • You knew how to increase your bottom line with a tax plan
  • You knew how to pitch your business for media that impacts your bottom line
  • You knew how to create a beautiful and bankable brand.
  • You knew how to leverage relationships to generate profits.
  • You had it all personally and professionally
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It is Possible

You can grow your business beyond your imagination and break the glass ceiling! You can reach higher heights in your business! You can compete as a woman in business. First, you must shift your thinking and be willing to forget what you know about being a woman in business, have an open mind to hear, learn and to say something different, and to do something different.

Be honest. You’ve tried many things to grow your business and most of what you’ve tried hasn’t worked for you to this point.

You’ve found yourself frustrated, agitated and overwhelmed with yourself and the current growth of your business. NOW you are ready to believe something different, think something different, feel something different, so you can do something different in your business to reach the Pinnacle of Success.

You demand answers to your questions, proven strategies that will work for your business and an action plan.

Pinnacle Success Summit is the answer to all your questions!

Pinnacle Success Summit, brought to you by SCORE Birmingham, will be hosting Birmingham’s Premier Women’s Business Summit for emerging women business leaders willing to shatter the glass ceiling and reach their highest heights . This is the perfect opportunity to learn from business leaders and experts, and to partner with a National Organization that has over 50 years of supporting small business owners.

What you can expect:

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Connections, Proven Strategies, Implementable Action Steps and more!

Pinnacle Success Summit is a 1-day summit featuring Keynote and expert speakers specifically targeting relevant areas that you need to grow your business as a woman business leader.

We guarantee you will have fun, be inspired, be educated and be empowered! We guarantee you will hear some things you have never heard, say something you have never said, feel something you have never felt, so you can do something you have never done. Reach Higher and join us at Pinnacle Success Summit.

Some of the Topics you’ll learn

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Getting Your Ask On (Sales)

One struggle for women business owners is sales. We women struggle with sales because we are typically passive communicators and are apologetic when it’s time to “get their ask on.”  When you have a solid pitch and direct communication, your sales will be limitless. Learn how to close the deal by Getting Your Ask On.

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Branding in business is more than pretty colors and fonts. Having a clear brand and messaging can take your business from idea, to start-up, to emerging, to reaching its pinnacle of profits. Learn how you can create a beautiful and bankable brand.

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The best way to protect your business and your brand is to have the proper legal advice and counsel on your team. Just when you think you can't afford it, remember you cannot afford to NOT to have legal protection for your business. Understand the legal protection needed for your business to reach its pinnacle of success. 

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Diversity Suppliers

Your small business has something that big businesses (corporations) need and want. You are an expert in your industry, and that's important to big businesses. Learn how to partner with corporations to offer your services to them. 

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Money Talk

You established your business for financial freedom. Let's be honest. Financial freedom isn't possible if your business financials are messy and chaotic. There is no way to know or understand if you make a profit with messy financials. Clean up your business books with a bookkeeper.

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Saturday, September 8, 2018 10a - 5p

Grand Bohemian Hotel in Birmingham, AL


About your Host

SCORE is an organization that can support you as you strengthen and improve your existing business.

Every day, SCORE’s more than 12,000 mentors volunteer their time and expertise to help small business owners like you with confidential, free business mentoring. Founded in 1964, the SCORE, Association, a resource partner of the U.S. Small Business Administration, has helped more than 10 million entrepreneurs start, build, expand and protect their small businesses.